Material Ten: Comedy

Our next topic will be comedy.

Anybody that has spent time in both cultures will soon realise that Korea (and Asia more broadly) doesn’t have a strong stand-up comedy culture, certainly not when compared to the West. It’s kinda changing with the arrival of Yoo Byung-jae and Park Narae but only very recently…

As always, our task will be to see what the causes of this are and what any possible results might be. Moreover, does it say anything about the cultures themselves or is it just an idiosyncratic difference.

During this topic, feel free to suggest any clips of comedy or stand-up that you think are relevant or interesting. Try to post them a bit in advance just so I can double-check they are okay – but I’m generally very open-minded.

Material One: To Be or Not To Be Humorous? Cross Cultural Perspectives on Humor (only reading certain sections)

Material Two: Humour Through CinemaWhy Humor in Taiwan/Asia is Not the Same: You can find out why in a cinema

Material Three: Stand-up Comedy in Korea

The Growing Popularity of Stand-Up Comedy in Korea

Material Five: Examples….Russel Peters: Asian Comedian on Indians and Chinese

Vietnamese is Koreans on weed

Jimmy O Yang

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